Meet The Needs

We are interested in your ideas, contacts, networks, business & expertise.

As you look over the list of ministry needs:

Pray and ask God to give you creativity and to open your eyes to ways those needs can be met. We are interested in your ideas, contacts, networks, business and entrepreneurial expertise.

If you share an idea or agree to make a contact – that’s all it is. If an idea doesn’t pan out or your contact can’t help, that’s OK. You are not responsible for seeing that the need is met – only that you will try.

If the Holy Spirit is not leading you to do something, don’t do it.

We want to make this easy for you. If you have made a contact that has agreed to meet a ministry need, you can turn the matter over to our staff, who will make sure that communication between the ministry and your contact happens and that everything gets where it needs to be.

Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes in the face of overwhelming need, it’s easy to feel guilty or that the little bit we can do isn’t enough to make a difference. We all do what we can do and that’s good enough. God is aware of the needs of His people and can meet them. He just asks us to be open and available to His leading.

Have A Contact That Can Meet A Need?

Simply email Danielle Trent and we will coordinate with the donor and the ministry.

Have Something To Donate To A Ministry?

Please email a description of the item(s) along with a complete description (condition, size, does it work, etc.), location and deadline for pick-up to Danielle Trent. We will distribute this information to our Partner Ministries and get back to you within 24 business hours to tell you which ministry can use the item(s) and will be calling you to arrange a pick up.

By providing a picture and details, you will help our ministries determine if what you are offering meets their needs. This helps our ministries to be good stewards of their time, resources and personnel.