The Get Together Northwest’s friend, Melissa Rotholz, recently sent me the following message after meeting with our Partner Ministry, The Mission of Yahweh’s Executive Director and touring their shelter for Northwest Houston’s homeless women and children.  I was struck by how well she articulated what so many of us that are familiar with The Mission of Yahweh experience there.  It is my prayer that you will join us in attending “Mentor Interest Sessions” this August at the mission.


I recently met Executive Director, Richard Hill at The Mission of Yahweh and was touched by the wonderful work the mission is doing for homeless women and children in Northwest Houston.  I toured the shelter…saw the neatly kept dorm rooms, the hard working staff, the chapel, the garden, the store, the learning spaces and the children playing in the on-site childcare center.  I was immediately struck by the innocence, sweetness, and sometimes the sadness in the children’s faces.  They are facing so much at such a young age.  One 2 year old little boy was new to the shelter and was still adjusting to the childcare center.  He cried for his mommy each time the door opened.  It broke my heart and took me right back to the first time I dropped Carson off at day care and Reade off at Mother’s Day Out.  It was hard to walk away…I remember crying in the parking lot and wondering how I would do this each day!  Imagine being the mom of this little boy and not knowing how she would afford day care while she worked or went to school, or where she would tuck her son in at night, or how she would get him basic necessities like diapers and clothes, or ever where she would find his next meal.  Thank goodness The Mission of Yahweh takes them in when they are in crisis, gives them a safe place to call home as they get their life back on track, and nurtures and protects their children while they do so.

Mission of Yahweh

It’s not an easy process.  It takes a lot of soul searching, hard work, determination, new habits and new skills.  It also takes a talented staff and a lot of dedicated volunteers…which leads me to the reason for the message.  We need volunteers like you to remind these women that someone “out there” cares.  We need volunteers like you to model positive and caring friendships.  We need volunteers like you to provide a listening ear and an open heart.  We need volunteers like you to help empower these women to be successful so they can take care of themselves and their children.  As you know, what you give is often abundantly returned to you.  I have already gained new perspectives…and new compassion…and hope…and too many other things to list.  It truly is incredible.


Richard Hill has a vision.  He sees women just like you helping the women of The Mission of Yahweh get back on track.  Please consider learning more about the program and how you can help.  I’ve attached the dates and times of “Mentor Interest Sessions” in August.  Please come, bring your friends, and find out more about The Mission of Yahweh and the Mentor Program.  Please take a look at The Mission of Yahweh website and Facebook Page.  You will see the children’s faces and I know you will be touched like I was.  With your help, we truly can make a difference in the lives of these children and their moms.



Melissa “Missy” Rotholz

Melissa Rotholz