After months of listing a HD camcorder as a priority need, Shield Bearer Counseling Centers finally had their need met by a combined effort of several attendees at Get Together Northwest’s January NetCaring™ Lunch.

Associate Director, Melissa Rotholz using Shield Bearer’s new camcorder.

“So excited to receive this new HD video camera from a group of generous donors at The Get Together Northwest!!! It will be used for training videos and marketing materials! What an incredible gift that will keep moving the mission forward!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”   –  Shield Bearer Counseling Centers social media post.

I wasn’t in a position to meet the need on my own, I was thrilled when others agreed to pitch in to help get them this video recorder.  I love watching a direct need being met in real time, participating in meeting the need, witnessing the joy of them receiving the needed item.  This experience was exceptional, I’ll definitely be back!” – January NetCaring™ Lunch Attendee.

Shield Bearer Counseling Centers promotes individual growth and development, preserves and enriches marriages and strengthens and unites families.   Shield Bearer’s counseling expertise lies in Marriage and Family Counseling and Trauma Recovery. Our unique and innovative Marriage Intensive is saving 9 out of 10 troubled marriages. Our trauma specialists work with survivors of human trafficking. veterans, crime victims and their families and disaster survivors (such as Hurricane Harvey survivors.



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