Successful Connections through The Get Together Northwest

Shield Bearer is a partner ministry supported by The Get Together Northwest.    The following is an article published in their June newsletter:

Volunteer Spotlight – Melissa Rotholz

We are so thankful for Melissa Rotholz who is using her talents and time as she joins us in the fight for hearts.  Melissa is an Organizational and Human Resource Development professional with key responsibilities in a successful career with Lone Star College System and Baker Hughes.  Like many professional women, she has made a decision to focus on being with her family more.  Finding herself with free time while her children were away in school, she searched local nonprofit agencies for volunteer opportunities.

“I had hear about Shield Bearer in the community for some time but I wanted to know more about them.”  She attended The Get Together Northwest luncheon and met Shield Bearer’s Executive Director, Roy Wooten, who invited her to their monthly Community Breakfast at the Central office.  “I wasn’t sure what Shield Bearer needed.  When I visited with them about my work history they found a match with their needs in the first visit.”

Since then Melissa has logged about twenty-four hours of volunteer services.  First she worked with a team to facilitate a marketing plan for the organization.  The through a series of meetings she led the volunteer board of directors in a board retreat.  She is currently leading the organization’s updated strategic plan development process.

“I am so thankful Melissa is using her God-given talents and abilities to help us better meet our mission,” said Founder and Board Chair, Matthew White.  “Our volunteers, like Melissa, are invaluable.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, join us for a monthly community breakfast or call 281-894-7222 for an appointment.