The NetCARING™ Influence

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The first challenge that I faced when I began my journey this year with The Get Together Northwest was finding the right words to describe the nature and purpose of The Get Together.

What word(s) could be used to describe what we experience each month?

It’s a God thing, without a doubt.

Networking doesn’t even begin to prime the canvas for painting that picture.

What is it that we are doing at these Get Together events?  Yes, we are networking, but not how you might imagine.  What’s happening is so much more than that.

We’re working together with other business and community leaders using our skills, talents, ideas and networks to come up with solutions to problems that local charities are facing.  We’re saving those that are serving our community time, money and introducing them to invaluable resources.  All while building relationships on our lunch breaks.

But that’s not all…

While working alongside leaders in business, ministry and charities serving our community, we’re able to more clearly communicate our professional expertise, entrepreneurial strengths as well as our personal character.  Here’s the kicker:  We are able to do this without having to sell ourselves or appear boastful.


The NetCARING™ influence

The NetCARING™ influence


This unique approach takes the “performance” anxiety associated with networking and lends us the opportunity to demonstrate our talent and skill instead.

It is proving to be most successful too.  Since January 2014, our Partner Ministries have had their needs met with donations valuing over $42,000, they’ve benefitted from over 200 volunteer hours saving their organizations more than $4,500…all of this, a result of NetCARING™ with The Get Together Northwest.

These prayerfully chosen and carefully vetted Partner Ministries are able to provide more services and programs, serving more people in our community because we Get Together once a month over lunch and practice NetCARING™!

At our luncheons, we are engaging with leaders representing most industries here in the Houston area.  Some industries represented:  Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Construction, Oil & Gas, Retail, Non-Profit, Ministry and more.

We are expanding each month, growing in attendance and participation.  We leave each meeting feeling empowered and accomplished.

I’m looking forward to experiencing all that God has in store for all of us through The Get Together chapters 2014-2015 seasons!
“Based on the gift each one has received, use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God.”  – 1 Peter 4:10 

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